Orphanage Update: February/March 2014

There are currently 32 children living at Ashanilaya and after May, that number will increase to more than 50 children! All of the new children are orphans–with either no parents at all or single parents that are unable to take care of them.

10 children from the Egipura Slum come to Ashanilaya daily–where they receive after-school tuition and supplementary nutrition.

Health & Hygiene:

At Ashanilaya, they have a solar water heating system and the children are able to have hot water for their daily baths. Purified water is regularly given to the children for drinking purposes.

Events & Celebrations: 


Children went to the nearby Sri Rama Temple during the day. They prayed there and returned to the orphanage. The children enjoyed a school holiday.  It is a common practice in many villages in India for women to join together and spend the whole night singing bhajans. Some of our women staff from the villages did that, but our girls in Ashanilaya preferred to watch from Ashanilaya terrace the cultural program that was put up at the NGV Club beyond our compound wall. They enjoyed the show free of cost as there were some famous bollywood actresses too.

Participation in School Cultural Program: 

Sulochana and Poongody had a Cultural Day in their School. They dressed in saris and attended the Program. This is the first time in their life that they were wearing saris and were very excited.

Final Exams: 

All the children have started their final exams. Their finals will be over on March 25. After finals are over, the children will enjoy a long summer vacation.

May & June 2013 Update from Ashanilaya

May & June 2013 Update from Ashanilaya

Here’s what happened at Ashanilaya in May and June!

The new academic year started the first week of June! Ashanilaya planned to increase their intake of children, and was able to do so in June. They accepted 10 new children! Including these additions, the total number of children currently being cared for is 30, both boys and girls. With their new orphanage in Tamilnadu ready, the boys at Ashanilaya will be moved, making Ashanilaya a facility exclusive for girls. The orphanage for the boys will be a home for up to 150 children. The orphanage is designed to consist of small cottages, able to house 12 boys and one Mother Supervisor, allowing each cottage to live as a family unit.

The Newly Admitted Kids


Varun is 5 years old. His mother died when he was just 10 days old. His father remarried and deserted his family. After his mother’s death, Varun’s maternal grandmother was taking care of him. When she died, his mom’s sister began taking care of him. After she gave birth to two children, his uncle started treating him badly. His aunt wanted to provide Varun with better care, so she brought him to Ashanilaya. He is in first grade.







Vidya is 11 years old. Her father died when she was 10 years old. Her mother is sick and not able to provide care. She’s illiterate and doesn’t have a house of her own, and lives in a temporary hut. She was admitted and is now studying in grade 5.







Anupriya is 7 years old. Her mother died when she was 2. Her father was physically disabled after a car wreck and left unable to work. He remarried, but depends solely on the earnings of his new wife. Anupriya’s grandmother is too old to care for her any longer. Anupriya has been admitted to grade 2.






Bhawani Bhavani

Bhawani is 7 years old. Her father died when she was one year old. Her mother is undergoing lifelong treatment for mental disorders. Before she was brought to Ashanilaya, Bhawani was begging on the streets along with her two sisters, Ashwini and Nandhini (below). Bhawani is attending school for the first time and is in grade 2.






Ashwini is 12 years old. Her father died when she was 6. She is the oldest of her sisters (Bhawani and Nandhini). She is attending grade 6.








Nandhini is 10 years old. She is the middle daughter and her sisters are Bhawani and Ashwini. Nandhini is attending grade 5.







Ashish Prajapathy Ashish

Ashish is 11 years old. His father died when he was 4 years old. After that, his mother married a man that refused to accept Ashish and has been treating him poorly. Ashish was taken care of by his grandmother’s sister. He is now going to school and is in the 5th grade.







Vignesh is 13 years old. His father died when he was 12 years old and his mother is sick and not able to provide care to him. His mother doesn’t have a house of her own and lives in a temporary hut. Vignesh has not attended school in the last two years and spent time with rowdy children in the slums. He has picked up some habits, but Ashanilaya is confident they can turn these challenges into opportunities. He is admitted and attending grade 6.






Nithya is 7 years old. Her father died when she was 6. Her mother is sick and not able to provide for her. She is admitted and will be studying grade 2.








Naviya is 8 years old. When she was 6, her mother ran away and married another man. Her father is a poor man working as a helper at a local company. He is unable to look after her, and because he’s young, he wants to marry again but is afraid no one will marry him with a child. She was receiving lots of love from her parents before they split, so now she feels neglected and uncared for. She is happy at Ashanilaya and is attending grade 3.


Orphan Children from Egipura Slum

Five orphan children from Egipura Slum, half a kilometer from Ashanilaya, are being provided care. They come to the orphanage every morning and go back to the slum every evening after dinner. All of them are single parent orphans and go back to sleep with their parents each night. They all attend nearby schools. Their names are Rajeshwari, Dhanalaxmi, Bhuvaneshwari, Pratap, and Alagraj.

Other Updates:

  • The monsoon rains have started and before the orphanage could purchase raincoats and umbrellas for the children, one family bought and distributed them to the children of Ashanilaya. Ready for Monsoon rains with raincoats and umbrellas received from donors
  • There were 8 birthdays and anniversaries celebrated during May and June. Their visitors brought cake, refreshments, sweets, and some were offered lunch and dinner also. A few of the visitors also brought gifts.
  • Music, singing, dance, and computer classes continue to be conducted regularly on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • As in previous months, all the health, hygiene, and safety needs of the children have been adequately and satisfactorily met. Soap, hair oils, toothpaste, slippers, etc, are regularly given to the children. The orphanage ensures that they have baths daily and wear clean clothes.

April 2013 Update from Ashanilaya

April 2013 Update from Ashanilaya

Here’s what’s happening at Ashanilaya this month!

We’re very excited that our donations are making noticeable improvements in the lives of the children at Ashanilaya. The support is becoming increasingly evident and the children at Ashanilaya have an opportunity for a much brighter future. A majority of these children have been deprived of the most basic of necessities, and with your help, they not only have the necessities needed, but they are also looking forward to promising futures filled with great dreams.

Holi Festival Celebrations

March 27, 2013 was Holi. Holi is known as the Festival of Colors in India and celebrates the beginning of spring and the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated by throwing colored powder on one another. This year, the children at Ashanilaya joined the children in the surrounding neighborhood and had a great day throwing colored powder on each other.

Birthday Celebrations

In March and April, 10 families celebrated birthdays with Ashanilaya children. Now that the weather is nice, these celebrations are held in the garden under the sprawling trees of Ashanilaya.

Exam Results

All children at Ashanilaya passed their exams and are advancing to the next highest grade. We are very proud of them for doing so well on their tests!

Summer Vacation

All children at Ashanilaya (except 6 that spent the time with their families) were taken to Kodai Hills for 10 days. The Ashanilaya staff accompanied the children on this trip. While in Kodai, the children played lots of games, had competitions, attended cultural programs, and also interacted with the waterfalls, parks, mountain views, and gardens around them. The children also rowed boats on the lake and visited the Nature Museum at Sacred Heart College.

The vacation was a great experience for these children and made them very happy!

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March 2013 Update from Ashanilaya!

March 2013 Update from Ashanilaya!

Here’s what’s happening at Ashanilaya this month!

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Diwali Visit to Ashanilaya

The Jutera Labs team headquartered in Bangalore stopped by the orphanage to celebrate Diwali with the children! Diwali, commonly known as the festival of lights, is a Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Diwali is celebrated with lights and fireworks, and generally lasts about five days.  Read More »