Orphanage Update: March/April, 2015

Orphanage Update: March/April, 2015

The team from Austin visited Ashanilaya on 7th March, 2015, the first one since the company’s name was officially changed. A sweet gesture, in the form of garlands and roses, welcomed Roj, Adam, David, Terry, Dan, Shaun, Blake, Audrey, Hunter, and Thomas.

Founder and Director of the orphanage, Dr. John Lourdes Fernandes, gave a heartwarming welcome speech and thanked the company for all its efforts to help Ashanilaya. The team spent a lot of time with the kids, interacting with them, and sharing warm moments together.

US team visit 2US team visit 1

On 19th April, 2015, the Bangalore team made a visit to the orphanage. The team, comprising of Prakash, Vivek, Vamsee, Dixita and Abhishek, had a surprise in store for the kids. A pizza party! Hot, delicious pizzas from Pizza Hut were served and it was wonderful to see all the kids wearing happy smiles and enjoying the treats!

Ashanilaya Children enjoying Pizza Party offered by Perk (6) Ashanilaya Children enjoying Pizza Party offered by Perk (9)

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