Orphanage Update: October, 2015

Orphanage Update: October, 2015

There is always an unparalleled joy that one experiences when surrounded with children beaming with happiness. Just ask the Perksters, who visited Ashanilaya on the 18th of this month. Apart from infectious smiles, the team was greeted by the children with roses and a welcome song on Jesus Christ.

The team had the pleasure of watching the children in their drama element, in the form of a musical skit called “Peanuts”, which wittily highlighted the ill-­effects of junk food. Then came everyone’s favorite event, dancing! The kids danced to various numbers with renewed vigor, and then gave way to watch Rajkumar Kaniki bring out some fancy moves. The kids ended up joining him, and in the process, pulling every other Perkster on to the stage! One sweet little boy, Vijay, became a pro at aping every move Rajkumar made, and gave him a run for his money!

Now, what is a get-together without some exciting games? Everyone, including the staff, was divided into four teams, and were made to play a game which involved not letting a ball fall out of three pipes. It wasn’t as simple as it sounds, and took some serious teamwork to achieve victory. The winners will testify.

Lunch time saw everything from noodles, veg chilli and chicken roll, to ice cream being devoured mirthfully; but not before a little prayer. The team’s visit to Ashanilaya ended with a sense of fulfilment and delight. The children were presented with story books, games, puzzles, and chocolates. What surprised us is that fact that the kids remembered each and every one of our names!

A memorable visit, indeed!


Perk team


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